• Can wearing a corset reduce urinary incontinence?

    Obstetricians and gynecologists often see women wearing corsets, thinking that they will not leak urine.

    In fact, the corset mainly tightens the outer muscles, and does not help the pelvic floor muscles that are located deep and control urination. A corset will increase abdominal pressure, which can worsen urinary incontinence.

    There are also women who think: "Since urine leaks, 漏尿then I drink less water, so that there is no urine leakage." Of course, drinking less water will reduce urination, but the cost may be high, such as causing stones, urinary tract infections, and Not a good way.

    Hsiao Wingxian, the attending physician at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Taipei Rong General Hospital, said that many women think that "they will leak urine when they are older, and there is no way." But in fact, although aging will increase the risk of urinary incontinence, after proper treatment and treatment, part of it can be improved or even cured. "Women don't accept their fate too much."

    She advises women with urinary incontinence:

    Avoid excessive abdominal pressure, such as lifting less heavy objects, treating constipation and chronic cough.

    When laughing or coughing, first remind yourself that the levator anus contracts the perineum to reduce urine leakage.

    Do Kegel exercises every day.

    If you use a pad to absorb leakage, you should replace the pad in time and keep the crotch dry to prevent bacteria from entering and causing infection.

    Weight control.

    Develop good drinking and urination habits: drink water in small sips and drink several times to avoid rapid bladder urination; do not hold back your urine.

    With the correct method to reduce the impact of urine leakage on life, there is no need to stay at home and dare not go out.

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