• These three kinds of scars on the body may become cancer if they are treated quickly!

    In daily life, most people's skin will inevitably encounter collisions and abrasions.

    Even some friends have left an indelible mark after experiencing more serious trauma.

    Under normal circumstances,疣治療 most of the scars are still very friendly to us, at most affecting the appearance.

    But in fact, some scars are very dangerous and will challenge our "life" because they will become cancerous!

    1 Why does the scar become cancer?

    First, let's understand the process of scar formation.

    When our skin is accidentally injured, there will be local redness soon after the injury, and then the skin will enter an inflammation period.

    After the inflammatory period is over, the vascular proliferation at the wound site will be more serious, and the redness of the injured site will be more obvious, and the skin will enter the scar angiogenesis period.

    Next is collagen hyperplasia. The redness of the injured area will fade, but it will not disappear. This stage is called collagen hyperplasia.

    Then the red scar gradually turns white, which is the so-called scar maturity.

    Generally speaking, this kind of scar will not be higher than the surface of the skin after the wound has healed. We call it a normal scar.

    However, if the wound is abnormal in the healing process, the fibroblasts of the healing wound proliferate excessively, and a large amount of extracellular matrix such as collagen is secreted, which makes the wound skin thickened, red and swollen, and presents various symptoms, and even causes deformities, forming pathological scars or scars. Heterosexual scars.

    On this basis, if the scar is destroyed, eroded, infected, etc. Due to external stimuli, such as scratching, friction, inflammation, etc. , It is easy to form ulcers, ranging from several years to several decades, and ulcers that have not healed for a long time may become scar cancer.

    2 What is scar cancer?

    Scar cancer is the disordered proliferation of skin cells caused by gene mutation or oncogene activation of fibrous connective tissue cells in skin scars after repeated stimulation.

    After scar cancer is formed, the most common pathological type is squamous cell carcinoma, and a few are basal cell carcinoma.

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